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Thread: Ohio Dept. of Taxation cashed check, but I am still getting assessments Ohio

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    Default Ohio Dept. of Taxation cashed check, but I am still getting assessments Ohio

    I have received and paid in full my 2007 school district taxes, but we are still receiving assessments with late fees and penalties added, and have also been turned into the Attorney Generals office for non-payment. The reps. I have spoken to admit that the check was received and cashed, but I am being told that I have to find out where it went or who it was credited too. I have sent them the same copy of the check that I have received from my bank 5 times, but they keep telling me they need a "cleaner" copy due to the coded numbers that are on back are not legible. I have called the bank where it was cashed, but I can't get any information because I am not the party that cashed the check. The Attorney General office is working on the case, but they only meet with the Tax dept on Fridays. Is there anything else I can do to get his resolved or is there anyone else having the same difficulties with the Ohio Dept. of Taxation?

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    Send a complaint letter to your state representative. They love things like this.

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    You should also talk to your bank about getting a cleaner copy of the cancelled check.

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