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Thread: Small claims against auto mechanic Nevada

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    Default Small claims against auto mechanic Nevada

    Question: I filed a small claims on this Auto shop, on the court date they called for a continuence. Now I am getting calls from the manager, he wants to see the pictures and documents of what I am going to show in court. Do i have to give him everything I have, he didnt file a discovery! he is calling me on the phone. I told him we will need to communicate through email for documentation purposes. What should I do? I do not have a lawyer but I have witnesses and lots of documents. I sent the shop a certified letter about my complaint and consequenses.

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    Ask him if he is willing to try and fix the problem one last time before court.

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    Agree. I wouldn't send them anything add'l. at this time but ask first if they might be willing to "settle" without going to court.
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