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Thread: Is this a reason to quit? Michigan

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    Question Is this a reason to quit? Michigan

    I received a letter in the mail from the State of Michigan about back taxes that my employer owes, however I am not an officer of the corporation, can I be held responsible for these taxes? Is this reason enough for me to quit and qualify for unemployment benefits? I am also wondering if it is illegal for my boss to ask me to write checks from an account that he knows is in a negative balance? Would I qualify for unemployment benefits if I quit because I was asked to do something illegal or I did something that I didn't know was illegal at the time and quit upon finding out it was?

    thank you for any information you could provide.

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    Does the letter state that you are? Is there an "intent to levy" on you personally? What is your position and what responsibilities do you have? Do you sign checks or otherwise approve funds for payment? Which taxes? What would quitting buy you?
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