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Thread: my dog hit by suv -owner claims damage my dog did not cause, help Missouri Missouri

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    Default my dog hit by suv -owner claims damage my dog did not cause, help Missouri Missouri

    My airedale dog hit by SUV, driver says at 35 mph and slowing, driver called 2 days later and I told him dog ok - dog severed vein so a lot of blood. No talk of damage to his suv. 3 months later received letter from driver states $950 in damage of suv from dog, had appraisal attached done 27 days after incident, comments on appraisal report 'vehicle hit deer and damage to frt bumper and lft fender, evidence of dog hair in photos" - I thought this was suspect and assumed tactic to get money for saving dog since he stopped and knocked on door, that I do appreciate. I replied not liable for deer plus -appraisal a month after accident? Request he cease. Rebut from him was deer was a typo and i am liable, pay up, then mentioned that my home owners policy would cover this. Also attached letter from his insurance co -stated no claim since his deductible was $1000. Ins co still continued to send me letters stating I was liable "and if I needed any further proof, contact them." I was really feeling shaken down at this point so called State Dept of Insurance and filed complaint that ins. co had no claim since no deductible, DOI called ins co. who admitted their client asked favor to use their company letterhead to look as if the company was demanding the money. DOS told them to stop. Since then letters from driver claims negligence (although no leash law, rural area low traffic and neighbor dogs run and play together, my dog went 6 yrs without incident) driver went to my vets office demanding he give him my dogs med files - not, (vet office called me out of concern) The Vet med report states dog hit tire that forced him downward onto pavement - road rash caused ruptured vein on lower leg. However, driver wrote letter with own version - claims dog hit bumper that severed vein and did damage to bumper. Bottom line, the damage does not match injuries. Driver came to my house and took pics of my dog who was in driveway, (neighbor told me) then sent letter- claims dog is still not tethered and roaming free (I assume he actually took pics of dog who is now on invisible electric fence and the collar will prove) I feel can show him not credible but bottom line is, am I potentially liable for what he claims just cause dog hit car since he claims negligence? This man has harassed us so much that my husband just wants to write check. If I was responsible have no prob paying but this man is just exploiting this. Called my homeowners as last letter said respond w/check or he will take us to court- filed claim but don't know what their response will be. It just makes me sick this man could get away with this- he's obsessed with getting money out of us and his false accusations and dishonest tactics scare me now (there are many more incidents not mentioned) -I'm not a paranoid person but wonder if his next step is hurting my dog if he does not get money. Please advise.

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    Thats a little tough to read.

    Your dog ran into the road and was hit by an SUV.

    The driver of the SUV is now claiming damages to his vehicle.

    I think I read somewhere in there that you reported this to your homeowners insurance is that correct?

    If he takes you to court you give your side of the story and he gives his and then a decision is made.

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    Hold & see what your homeowner's ins. co. says.

    If it would go to court, the judge will make the decision as Lee noted.
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