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    Question move out at 16 Vermont Vermont Vermont Vermont

    hi i was wondering if it was legal or not to move out at the age of 16 if your parents give you permission. I want to move out with my boyfriend who is 18 again, but my mom says she wont give me permission until she knows that it is legal and that she is not going to get into any trouble for it. thanks.
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    If you saw some of the spam we get on this site, you wouldn't think of posting your e-mail address.

    Is there a law prohibiting you from moving out at 16 with permission? No, there is not.

    Can anyone call CPS and tell them that your mother has permitted her minor child to move in with a legal adult? You bet your sweet little hiney they can.

    Would your mother be smart to lock you in your room and throw the key away until you get over the idea that you're old enough to be living on your own? Darn straight she would.

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