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Thread: North Carolina--Chapter 7,Local form and schedule C

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    Default North Carolina--Chapter 7,Local form and schedule C

    filed bankruptcy yesterday in middle district of nc. they requested a local form (91C - debtor's claim for exemptions). instruction state i must reference 91C on schedule C. Where do I list form 91C on schedule C? What wording do i use?
    related question since i have to turn in an amended schedule C (with reference to 91C) can i correct the exemption statue (from ncgs 1C-1601 a,1,2 to a,1 plus 1C-1601 a,e to a,4?

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    i finally got an answer: in the middle district of nc, local form 91c replaces schedule c. most attorneys in district file 91c only. i hope this helps someone else.

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    Thank you for the information.
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