I need help because I cannot reach anyone from the NJ labor office.

I was laid off and my last day of employment was Monday 2/2/2009. I thought I would get a jump start and start filling out the online unemployment forms a day early (2/1/2009). I did not submit until 2/4, but the date on the claim remained 2/1.

When I try to make my first claim (online because it is impossible to get through by phone), the system thinks that I WENT BACK TO WORK since my last date of employment was later than my office claim opening date of 2/1, but really my employment continued until 2/2.

What should I do? My claim day was officially yesterday, so I missed the date and now I am supposed to call in (but I cannot get through). Can I file online a day late (still the same week)?

How should I fill out the online form? Just assume that I went back to work although I really never left work?

Should I reopen the claim and hope the claim date is fixed?

Help! Thanks.