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Thread: Moving from MN to TX Minnesota

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    Default Moving from MN to TX Minnesota

    I am moving from Minnesota to Texas. In most threads, people say that I would still collect UI from the home state. However, Minnesota is the land of stupid laws. Has anybody moved from Minnesota that would know if I would still get to collect UI from MN instead of TX. Thanks, there is a difference of about 1K a month.

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    Why do you think that the rules would be different for you?

    When you asked the MN UI office this question, what did they say?

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    If you worked ONLY in Minnesota, then MN pays the UI. You don't get to open a new claim in Texas and get the Texas benefit payment rates without 1) your MN UI claim having been closed (1 year required open) and 2) having worked the requisite number of weeks/quarters and having earned enough wages in Texas to open a new claim there.
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