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Thread: Unemployment Appeal what? Georgia

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    Default Unemployment Appeal what? Georgia


    I recently won my unemployment appeal here in Georgia. What I'm wondering is, when will I start receiving my back benefits and new benefits? Anyone know how long it takes to "get the ball rolling"?

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    Since the DOL is experiencing record new filings for benefits, they're probably slower than usual. <sigh> May I ask how long it took you to receive an appeals hearing date? I've been waiting over a month! <double sigh>

    Also, I was wondering if your former employer lied about your separation and if that's why your claim was denied. I'm glad you won your appeal and will soon get your benefits. Congratulations!


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    I WON my appeal hearing which was on 1/20/09. Start received my benefits in lump sum 1/31/09. However, this was after 2 trips to the unemployment office. So my suggestion, is get in contact with the local unemployment office, they are the one to reinstated your benefits once your appeal is won.

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    Wow - glad to hear you won. I lost my appeal hearing - just found out yesterday. It took over a week to get their decision. Do you mind telling a few more details with yours? Or maybe some advice?

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