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Thread: 31 years on job and fired 6 mo before retire Iowa Illinois

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    Default 31 years on job and fired 6 mo before retire Iowa Illinois

    Two questions:

    1.Is it legal to get fired if you are on the job for 31 years and get fired 6 months before retirement for having diabetes and can not get a CDL to drive a dump truck? Yes that was the only reason - didn't even ask to take the CDL - just got fired for not being able to get one. (Had diabetes for 10 years of this job)

    2. Anyone know of a good wrongful termination attorney in Iowa that may take pro-bono against a city in Iowa?

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    Default 31 yrs on job and fired =New info

    He does have a CDL - but the city doc said he can't drive the dumptruck for the city if he takes insullin and get this - He is not required to drive it for his job!
    DMV requirements:MCSR regs. 49 CFR 391.41 - 391.49 (I need to look these up)

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