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    I was just wondering if it is legal for a manager to clock you out while still working. My wife does child care and like most companies are on 0 overtime. She has to clean her room 2 days a week and the center only has 1 vaccum.
    She has to wait for it but they make her clock out at 8 hours. She has to wait until her room is cleaned before she can go home. She also told me that her director has clocked employees out before while they are waiting for the vaccum. I find this odd because she is there doing her job but they will not pay her for her time. Anybody know a good way to approach this without getting fired? Thank you

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    It's not the clocking out per se that is the violation of law, it's the failure to pay all hours worked and overtime when required. Arizona has whistleblower protection. She can file a claim for unpaid wages with the ICA.

    If she is not already doing it, she should keep a record of hours worked separately from her time card, at home.
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