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Thread: Need advice on Stop Payment Check on services rendered! Wisconsin

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    Default Need advice on Stop Payment Check on services rendered! Wisconsin

    I need advice: We are a small truck repair shop, we fixed a guys vehicle and he paid us with a check for $1000 with no complaints. After cashing the check it came back as a stop payment. What can/should I do? What are the Wisconsin Laws on this. Thanks!

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    Was he dissatisfied with the repairs, did he indicate any problems with your services?

    Not advice but this is what I would do/have done:

    Send him a demand letter (certified/return receipt) indicating that he has 30 days to pay in full or to contact you and make payment arrangements. If he choses not to, he leaves you with no other choice except to file suit.

    If he fails to comply, file suit in small claims court.
    My opinions are just that and are not to be taken as legal advice.

    Responses are based on life experience, personal research, and/or knowledge gained from the experts here.

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