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Thread: Foreclosure after chapter 7, house included New York

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    Default Foreclosure after chapter 7, house included New York

    I sure hope someone can shed some light on this, I am loosing sleep
    Chapter 7 BK discharged in 2006, house included. Taxes were owed, so the county took the house, mortgage company didn't get it. Now over 2 years later, ther mortgage compant has filled for a judgement for the balance on the mortgage. How can they do this for a dept that was included in the BK. Our BK lawyer (OK, I used a cheap BK mill cause I was broke) has no clue, he said "I don't know what to do"
    Any feedback will be greatly appreciated

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    Default Wtf

    What in hell does this have to do with my question?

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    i am sorry dear That was wrong post on wrong topic ...

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