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Thread: Intern Stipend or Wage? California

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    Post Intern Stipend or Wage? California


    1. According to California / federal law and in terms of compensating a summer intern, which is appropriate -- providing a stipend regardless of how many hours the person works or an hourly wage for the actual time worked?

    2. Would the intern also need to complete a W2 and I9? Or because the person is an "intern," what different, additional, or other paperwork needs to be completed?

    3. If any, what are the certain conditions, restrictions, or requirements in terms of having an internship program in place?

    4. Anything else to be specifically aware of?


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    Federal rules

    California rules - from CA-DLSE manual

    46.6.6 Intern Programs. Historically, DLSE has required that in order to be exempt from the wage and hour requirements of the IWC Orders, the intern’s training must be an essential part of an established course of an accredited school or of an institution approved by a public agency to provide training for licensure or to qualify for a skilled vocation or profession. The program may not be for the benefit of any one employer, a regular employee may not be displaced by the trainee, and the training must be supervised by the school or a disinterested agency. (O.L. 1996.12.30)
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