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Thread: At what age can a child be cut off from support?

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    Default At what age can a child be cut off from support?

    Eighteen is the usual age of emancipation, but Connecticut courts may order support up to the age of 19 or until the child graduates from high school.

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    Default support

    In New York it can go until 21 they must be working a full time job after they graduate school then you can try and vacate the order.

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    Default it varies; Each state sets those cut-off ages

    Each state varies on this, but typically age 18-19 or until the child completes high school, and if the child pursues post-secondary schooling or training, until completion of a bachelors degree or completion of the training program. The cut-off age varies from state to state, but is typically 21-23 if the child is going to college or other post-secondary schooling.

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