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Thread: Real Estate Taxes on Property in Will Pennsylvania

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    Default Real Estate Taxes on Property in Will Pennsylvania

    We've just learned from the county clerk in Virginia that the executrix of my wife's aunt's estate [the aunt and executrix are/were in NYS] hasn't paid the real estate tax on a piece of land willed to my wife. We paid the tax ourselves.
    How do we go about compelling the executrix to pay the taxes until the will is probated? By the way, she seems to be taking her sweet time on probate. The will has be filed, though.

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    It's unclear from your post whether the estate was obligated to pay the real estate taxes on the property. If it had been transferred to your wife, then she was responsible for the taxes. If it hadn't been, then the estate was responsible. To get reimbursement for taxes that the estate should have paid, you submit a claim for reimbursement to the executor. If you feel that the executor is breaching her financial duty to the estate by letting things go unpaid, you petition the court that is oveseeing probate to either order an accounting or to replace the executor.

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