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    Does the state of Florida have any laws regarding Pay Periods?

    I work for a company that pays monthly, the first 'banking' day of the month to be exact. In some cases our pay periods can be over a standard month in length. Is this legal?

    Also, I just received my last paycheck, which was for the hours I worked in the end of November up to the last week in December. The check was cut on the 2nd of January, and apparently is being put on a new year. My YTD (year to date) totals were reset for the wages and hours I earned during November and December. They will be counted towards my 2008 year totals. The check that I get on the 1st of February will have hours from December of 2007 and January of 2008. The hours in December will also obviously be counted towards the 2008 year.

    Since I started in early February 2007 my overall wages for the year are not going to be even close to correct.

    Does anybody know if this is legal? My wages are well over a month late?

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    While Fl. law does mandate payment of wages earned there is no Fl. law mandating private employers to pay employees on any certain interval.

    Fl. has no deadline for when the last (final) paycheck must be paid.
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    Betty is correct in that Florida law is silent on when employees must be paid. The standard under federal law (although not a "law" per se) is monthly.

    Having said that, though, it is not illegal to delay the scheduled payday when it falls on a nonbanking day. The fact that you were actually paid on January 2 requires that those wages/taxes be reported in 2008, as payroll reporting is on a cash basis.

    Your earned "wages" for the year are the same, it's just the timing of the payment that makes it seem incorrect. The employer has done nothing illegal.

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    alright, thank you all very much for your help!

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    It not unusual for pages earned in one year to be paid in the next. This happens to most people unless you are on a bi monthly pay schedule. When I first moved to a job where pay was done biweekly, I really thought it messed everything up and I just didnt understand how that would work with taxes since some of the money I earned in one year was paid in the next.
    The IRS doesnt care when you earn it, it cares when its paid and once I understood that, I felt better.
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