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    I have a question regarding the taxnig of a "bonus." We have an incentive program at work - supervisors can give points on an incentive card. 1 point = 1 dollar. The card can only be used through the website or at select stores and if the points aren't used in a certain amount of time, they are lost. I was given 100 points and taxed just over 60% - I paid $61 and change. A coworker was taxed over $245 on 400 points. Is this correct- meaning the percentage? I am not taxed that high when I get the 3% company bonus. I am a single mother NOT in the high tax bracket . . .
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    I don't know.

    The Federal tax rate, for income taxes alone on a supplemental payment, is 25% of the pay. Add to that state income taxes and FICA.
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