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Thread: no response from atty Kentucky

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    Default no response from atty Kentucky

    i'm coming up up the last few payments of my ch 13. in the past i can no longer get a hold of my atty. in fact the secretary even quit taking my calls.
    i have questions on making extra payments to get this done and how i long i have to wait to borrow money from 401k to pay off misc. debts. (i.e.) medical bills and vehicle. would i be better served and just go to another atty for my answers? i should have this paid by 1 aug and the fact sheet from the trustee said it takes 6 weeks for an audit of my case and they still take out my monthly payment until it's completed. do i have to wait for court documents to start the process of a 401k loan or can i go ahead with that? thx for any help

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    Go to your lawyer's office and camp out till you get answers.

    Be extra polite and extremely nice.

    Extinguish all campfires before retiring for the night and dispose of waste properly.
    “Be not niggardly of what costs thee nothing, as courtesy, counsel, & countenance.”

    --Benjamin Franklin

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