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    I have a question about gratuity in tx, When it says on the menu, party of 6 or more will be charged 15% gratuity, AND when customer at resturant refuses to pay, they said because its not the law, should customer still have to pay the 15% or not. Police were called, and even they said customer didnt have to pay, because it violates the customers rights. Somethings not right here. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks

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    I have no idea why you posted this in the "Union" forum, but no matter. And it isn't really a matter of employment law either.

    Having said that, if it is made clear to the customer that this is the standard of the establishment, the customer has (even tacitly) agreed to it by using the service. Perhaps someone should cite the law that is being violated. This is a very common practice in the industry in finer dining establishments.

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