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    I work for a telecomunications company that services a rather large area. I was origanally supplied with a company vehicle to use while traveling to service calls and installations approx 500 miles per week. The vehicle gave up the ghost after well over 200,000 miles and my boss never replaced it. For a while I used my personal vehicle to help out. ( we are a small company ) Then it became expected of me to use my personal vehicle for work!!! They will pay gas, tolls, & parking and have contributed 1/2 on some repairs, but will not contribute to mileage. My Vehicle mileage is soaring and 85% of the miles are for the company. What are my rights in this situation. Thank you

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    There is no law in New York (or any other state, except California) requiring an employer to reimburse employees for business use of their personal vehicle at all, so your employer is doing more than is required by law.

    Having said that, though, if the expenses are more than you are being reimbursed for, you may be able to write off the difference as an unreimbursed business expense on your personal tax return.
    See Chapter 26 here to start:

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