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Thread: 16 hour shifts ? Tennessee

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    Default 16 hour shifts ? Tennessee

    I am a supervisor at a company in TN. I am considered salary non-exempt. I and 2 of my coworkers, also supervisors, were recently told that for a week, maybe longer, that we have to work 16- hour shifts with no overtime. The 2 questions that I have are as follows.
    1. Can an employer make you work 16 hour shifts for a whole week , maybe longer.?
    2. Can an employer make you work 16 hours shifts and only get paid for 8 hours even though you are salary non-exempt?

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    1. Absent a contract prohibiting it, yes.
    2. No. Nonexempt means overtime pay is required. The calculation of such overtime pay though can vary. What is understood as the number of hours your weekly salary is intended to cover?

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