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Thread: STD Time and Maternity Leave California

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    Default STD Time and Maternity Leave California


    An employee just received her short term disability paperwork from her doctor regarding her maternity leave. How much time is her short term disability before the due date of April 1st? Is it 1, 2, 3, or 4 weeks?

    I believe after the baby is born it is 6 weeks and with a caesarian it is 8 weeks correct?


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    The employee is eligible to receive short term disability benefits for the period of time her doctor indicates she is medically disabled from working. If there are no medical complications and the amount of time the doctor says she is unable to work is outside the STD insurance carrier's customary guidelines, then the carrier will contact the doctor for medical substantiation for the additional time.

    Customarily, for a routine birth, it's two weeks prior to the estimated delivery date and six weeks after.

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