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Thread: roomate on lease moved out of state, won't pay rent Maryland

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    Default roomate on lease moved out of state, won't pay rent Maryland

    I'm looking for advice..I have a roommate who after getting laid of from her job in baltimore, decided to stop searching for work in baltimore and move to nashville tn. she gave us notification in november and we have been attempting to fill the room but to no avail, while she has actively done nothing to fill her room. now that feb has come she refuses to pay rent for the remainder of her leasing obligations(she is a lease holder). She claims she is in the clear because she is now a resident of tenn. therefore she cannot be taken to court in maryland. I am looking for insight and advice. we have less than 6 months on the lease and cannot find a replacement.

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    How long ago did she move?
    How do you catch a very rare rabbit?
    (unique up on him)
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    If she gave notification in November, I would hope, she did not leave until at least December? I don't think it matters, what you should do, is obtain her address, and send her court papers, for small claims court, to get your money for the duration of the lease, and make her show up, or you win the case. I am not sure if her moving out of town, will stop a garnishment, but the other senior members here may know alot more than I do!!

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