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    I just found out I didn't get a job becuase of a failed drug test. The only drugs I have taken have been prescription medications that have been prescribed to me by a medical doctor and I have taken the medication as prescribed. Do I have any recourse?


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    Did you notify the lab of the prescription medications when you went for the screen? What they will report is levels of certain substances present in your sample, and they cannot always determine the source of the elevated levels.

    You might be able to get a second test. I would get a letter from your doctor with the dates of treatment & prescribed drugs, plus a copy of the prescription instructions. Contact the HR department and ask if you can be considered for a retest with the documentation you provide. Of course, the possibility for a retest will depend on their policy/practice in the company. However, it can be just as difficult for a company to find a good hire as it is for you to find a good position. Depending on the situation, they may be willing to do this.

    For future reference, you should disclose any usage of prescription drugs to the lab (or collection site) before the sample is taken.

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    i told the lab i took meds and they told me that the test won't show prescription medications. Mabey the test won't show an antibiotic but i have a chronic pain condition and i am prescribed two diffrent narcotics. the person at the lab didn't let me fill anything out that listed the medication i was on.

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    I would contact the HR department and try to have a discussion with them. The lab should be documenting the medications you disclosed to them. You can also do some research via the internet to educate yourself about what will show up on drug screens.

    If you can't salvage this position, then you can't. For future reference, I would notify the HR department in the company of prescription medications prior to the screen. If a screen comes back positive and they know about prescription Rx beforehand, that should be a flag for them to review the results more closely.

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    The very least you could do is contact HR, and ask if you could supply your Rxs to them. The report should indicate which drugs were/in your system.

    Many painkillers are classified as narcotics, but taken under the supervision of a physician is completely legal.

    They cannot bar your employment if you prove that to them; but if they aren't receptive to hearing you out then you don't want to work for them anyway. Consider this a good lesson learned; and bring the Rx bottles with you to the next drug screen you have.

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    From an employer perspective, I would want to investigate my vendor in this situation. If I had prior knowledge of the Rx from the candidate, it would prompt an inquiry into their control practices. However, if I had a candidate come in after the fact claiming Rx use, I might not give it as much credit. It depends on the supporting documentation they could provide.

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