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Thread: Non-Compete Agreements Montana

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    Question Non-Compete Agreements Montana

    I have been working for a new employer in the state of Montana for about 8 weeks now and have received paychecks that will not clear the bank, at least not right away. I have taken the last one I received to the bank it was drawn on and they told me they could not cash it. They would not tell me why other then saying they could not cash it. When I started my term of employment I signed a non-compete agreement and I am concerned that if I terminate my employment with this company and seek other employment with companies in the same line of work would the non-compete agreement still be binding in lieu of the current financial distress of bad checks being issued by the company? Would this indeed be a breach of contract or term of employment by any other definition? I appreciate any comments and feed back.

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    Whether the employer could hold you to the noncompete if you quit because you are not properly paid, only an attorney could tell you after reading the document.

    I will tell you, however, that it is a violation of wage and hour laws to issue checks that are not negotiable as of the scheduled pay date.

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