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Thread: Learner's Wage California

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    Default Learner's Wage California

    I work at a coffee shop in California that employs mostly highschool students, most under the age of 18. My employer starts every person under the age of 18 at the wage of $5.75 an hour, which is 85% of minimum wage, which is the legal learners salary in california. However, the law states that a person may only be paid this wage up to 160 hours of work in an occupation in which the employee has no previous experience, which none of our employees do.

    Our boss works every employee under 18 at 5.75/hr for FAR over 160 hours. I figured that I have roughly worked 240 hours at that pay. I asked my boss for documentation of this, but she gave me a list of excuses and said "I'll get to it".

    Am I missing something? Or is this illegal.

    Grace in California

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    Duplicate post

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