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    hello! I am having a lot going on right now, I have twin daughters in NY that I left there just over 2 years ago..I left them with the father who claimed he would get them into school and get them to the doctors and so on and so forth...I just received court papers last week from the Grandmother who apparently is trying to get custody away from both of us parents..Apparently the girls live with her and the father doesnt come around too much, I was under the impression that my rights as a parent were terminated a year ago when the father went to court to get full custody...So why am I receiving these court papers?? Also There is no way I can just up and fly from California which is where i live now to NY. I just started a new job and have a new baby and i honestly have no money to do this! My other question was how do I go about getting my parental rights terminated for the girls and if they are would I have to pay child support because I'll never be able to afford to pay 25%! As it is after I get paid i am left with maybe 20 dollars!

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    Your rights are not given up with the dad having full custody. You are still required to pay your part. To get out of paying for your kids is to have him adopt them and never see them again. Is that what you really want? Youd rather give up your kids than pay support?

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    necroposting. (on a duplicate thread, no less).

    Single*Dad, you have been asked to stop replying to dead threads (rudely, but still). Please stop.
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