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    What if any, methods of pay, i.e. Leave without Pay, Vacation, Sick, have you heard mention of for the death of an immidiate family member?

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    I have heard of all of the above depending on the status of the employee, the length of employment and the relationship of the employee to the dead person (okay, I know there is a more PC way of saying that, but I am at a loss right now).

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    Many employers offer "Bereavement Leave" which allows the employee to take time off with pay and not use their sick or vacation leave. It is usually limited to a close relations, such as parents, siblings, children, spouse, etc., and may vary in length depending on the relationship. It is really up to the employer to decide as there are no laws requiring bereavement leave.

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    Bereavement time is not required by law in any state, including Maryland. It is entirely up to the employer whether to offer time, if so, how much, and what, if any, paid leave be applied to it.

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