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Thread: Do I need an attorney to file bankruptcy? Indiana

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    Default Do I need an attorney to file bankruptcy? Indiana

    It is possible to file a bankruptcy case without the assistance of an attorney but it is extremely difficult to do so successfully. Retaining a competent attorney is highly recommended. For referral information you may contact the local bar association.

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    Default No you do not need a lawyer to file bankruptcy

    Chapter 7 is easy, I did the paper work off the courts website myself and as the only thing a lawyer can do is say his name at the court hearings the rest is done by you and they of course can prepare the forms. the forms do come with instructions just make sure you have all copy of all 3 credit reports when you get to the schedules. You can save yourself a load of money by doing it yourself if you are filing a chapter 7, as for chapter 13 I recommend a lawyer as they are better negotiators with the creditors. Hope this answers your question.

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    KristinB - You replied to a thread from 2006 & poster has not posted since 2006. Anyway, I don't believe they were asking a question - just giving general information. ("answering a question") We don't post to old threads.
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