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Thread: Looking for Megan Ross Hutchins RE: Problem Getting Home Warranty California

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    Default Looking for Megan Ross Hutchins RE: Problem Getting Home Warranty California

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    I hope!! That Megan,another senior member here,comes along,she is from california,and knows alot about the laws,at least there. Maybe she would know if there is something you could do,since the mortgage broker,and the seller,live in California. Sorry I can't be of more assistance! I wonder if you could take her to small claims court to obtain this? Is there something going on with the house,that makes you need it urgently,at this time? Megan Ross Hutchins (sp?) is her name,if you p.m her,maybe she could help you? Look under the California law section to find her. Good luck to you!


    Originally Posted by CalifTalk

    We bought an Austin, TX duplex in January - which we're renting out. The mortgage broker acted as agent between the seller and us. (I know, she represented him, and had a vested interest... never again.) All the parties live in California.

    Anyway, we have been trying to get our Home Warranty from her (the broker) for all this time. 6 months later, she continues to say she's following up on it, but has not produced it!

    What can we do?

    P.S. I posted this a while back on a different R.E. Forum, but did not receive any replies.

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    Default remember

    This is a holiday weekend,so if you don't get a response right away,don't get frustrated! Have a good 4th of July!!

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    Thank you! You have a great Fourth too!

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