Vehicle, vessel, driver license and identification (ID) card records are open to public inspection. Confidential information, such as social security numbers and residence addresses, may only be disclosed to a court, law enforcement agency or other individual when they are authorized by a specific federal or state statute.

To request information, complete a Vehicle/Vessel Registration Information Request form INF 70-R for a vehicle or vessel record or a Driver License/Identification Card Record Request form INF 70-D for a driver license or ID card record. Mail your request with the appropriate fees (provided on form) to:

Department of Motor Vehicles
Office of Information Services
Public Operations, Unit-G199
P. O. BOX 944247
Sacramento, California 94244-2470.
The form must be submitted to DMV headquarters in Sacramento for processing as the law requires DMV send a copy of the request form to the subject of record.

Note: You will not receive residence address information unless a state or federal statute is cited and approved by code name and section number that authorizes or requires the release.