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Thread: Adopting a family member New York

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    I need advice. My sister-in-law contacted me and my husband and after being arrested for abusing my nephews wants to give him to us. She lives in the state of Florida and the child is currently in the foster system there. Does anyone know the process or have any advice for us? We want to get him out of foster as quick as possible.

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    Sounds like you need to file a petition for emergency custody to become the nephew's legal guardian asap. You can do this on your own, but it would be better if you can get an attorney. DCF would be served and with the petition, the mother can sign some kind of agreement or give a power of attorney for you to care for the child, but because the child is in foster care, you will most likely need to go in front of a judge. You need to show you are of age, and fit to care for the child and that placement with you all is in the best interest of the child. Since you are not from the state, I suggest hiring an attorney to file an emergency petition asap. When you get the child back to your state and after enough time has passed for the child to be a resident of your state, you can file a petition for legal guardianship of the child and it wouldbe best to hire to an attorney.

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