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  1. Possible insubordination. Do I have any options? Illinois Illinois Illinois

    I am employed at a large regional bank. Have never been written up or disciplined until recently. I am in sales and due to some internal changes my production has severely suffered. About a week ago,...
  2. Thank you

    Thank you for all of your information. This gives me enough information to initiate talks with my employer, as well as some options in case these talks turn sour.

    Thanks again,

  3. Salaried Employee in Illinois not getting paid

    Thank you very much for your reply...Can you pls explain your comment:

    If the company is closed, the only way they can legally NOT pay you is if you do no work at all during the entire week.

  4. Salaried Employee in Illinois not getting paid

    I am a National Account Manager for a small company in Illinois. I'm a salaried employee and do not receive overtime pay. Also, If I need to leave early or I am sick my pay is docked for the time I...
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