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  1. Update (8/26/07)

    Well, I took my son's father to court to have the support increased. He and his fiance provided (fake) documentation that she laid him off from her business in January. Even though he told the...
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    If you can't trust him it would probably be best to go to court in get everything in writing that way.
  3. modification

    I'm thinking about a support modification because the initial child support order is from 1993. It's been quite a few years. Child Support started at $40/week and I've received two COLA's. So, it's...
  4. non-custodial parent doesn't wrk, he lives w/ fiance in FL - she makes a lot of money

    My son's father doesn't have his "own" income. He works with his fiance at her business. The mortgage is in her name, the vehicles are in her name and the bank accounts are all in her name. They...
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