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  1. States Are Bankrupt, Power Plants Can't Keep Up But Let's Let More Mexican Illegals I

    Patrick Finucane <> wrote in message news:<>...

    What does this have to do with deregulation? You are a moron.
  2. States Are Bankrupt, Power Plants Can't Keep Up But Let's Let More Illegals In!

    Over $10 billion in Mexifornia for illegals. NY and the whole
    Northeast has no power because the power plants cannot keep up.

    Let more illegals in so we can pave over everything and build...
  3. Why Korean Get No Free House Like Mexican In California? (was Korean golfer again (Daniel Paik) wrote in message news:<bhgck4$s91$>...

    Dan - I am in the States. I just use AU email address. ;-)
  4. South Koreans Are Too Cheap To Take NK Refugees! Bush Wants To Take In 100,000 NK Ref

    Bush wants to grant asylum to possibly 100,000 or more NK refugess?
    Why doesn't South Korea take them?

    Didn't we recently learn how South Koreans are sneaky and will shove a
    knife in the back of...
  5. The Land of Golden Mountain, Water & Farmers With Oxen. (Lee Leo) wrote in message news:<>...

    This is why farmers still use oxen like James Bond movie shows.

    You are

    Sad most...
  6. French Guy Looking to Marry an American Girl (Calialbert) wrote in message news:<>...

    This is what America got thanks to the French
  7. This is what happens when you let Muslims in the country & when you have open bor

    Watch it and remember the Islamic mass murder.

    Remember how Clinton said NO twice to the Sudan after they offered up
    Bin Laden on a platter with no...
  8. California's Handouts to Illegals - Mexifornia

    The free health care, education and housing for illegals contributes
    about $14 billion to Mexifornia's budget black hole. (creosote) wrote in message...
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