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  1. protest is the word

    actually on the UE form it's 'Protest of a Determination'__

    as far as 'at will'_one still has to defend them self in a UE Determination. In which, of course, one will submit REASONS for...
  2. right to appeal

    I am writing an appeal letter for UE benefits and a re-determination.
    Defending my right to appeal, AND to receive UE is what I'm concerned with, 'at will' is neither here nor there at this point....
  3. appeal for re-determination

    I didn't think the question about illegal firings, was unreasonable at all. It just was not the question I was asking.

    Seems to be little input here regarding 'Appeal letter for Re-Determination....
  4. letter for Re-determination ?'s

    My question here is: is this enough info at this time to give in the 'Request for Re-determination letter?
    As I've been told to keep the supporting documents and details for the appeals hearing.
  5. responding to 'Notice of Determination'__to Appeal Michigan

    I am sending a Request for Re-determination.
    It asks that I clearly state my 'reason for disagreeing'.
    This is my response:
    I feel that I was fired in retaliation, and the reasons and claims of...
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