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How to declare a person incompetent Michigan Michigan Minnesota

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  • How to declare a person incompetent Michigan Michigan Minnesota

    Here's the problem: Father-in-law has Alzheimer's Disease along with closed head injury from many accidents, falls, etc. from epilepsy. Mother-in-law is in total denial. He has had his driver's license pulled and insurance cancelled, but continues to drive. She cannot stop him (or won't). He just checked himself out of intensive care head trauma unit. M-I-L hasn't the health or strength to fight with him and won't do POA or anything. What is the procedure for a family member to declare him incompetent? Can we petition the court? And how does one go about doing this? (especially when next of kin refuses to do anything?)
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    I'd suggest that you need to speak with a local attorney. It sounds as though someone needs to obtain guardianship over your FIL if he is incompetent. You will need to petition the court and present evidence that he is no longer capable of taking care of himself, which may include medical evidence. He (and MIL) will be notified that a hearing is taking place and will be given the opportunity to obtain counsel and present their side of the story to fight the guardianship if they so desire.
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