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Funeral Expense Responsibility Oklahoma

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  • Funeral Expense Responsibility Oklahoma

    Father died with no Will, very little money and a few minor belongings. Who is legally liable for his funeral expenses. I as his son paid the funeral home what I could, told them I could not afford any more, my fathers cash was given and there is still a balance I can not afford and did not agree to pay, funeral home sent me the balance bill, am I legally liable to pay the balance?

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    Normally, a person's estate is ultimately liable for funeral expenses although a family member may pay upfront and wait to be reimbursed. The law sets the order under which expenses are supposed to be paid out of the estate, and funeral expenses are generally first in most states with which I am familiar.

    It sounds like there is very money in the estate. Unfortunately, if you signed anything with the funeral home that obligated you personally to pay the expenses, then you are the person who is responsible. You need to review anything that you signed when you made the arrangements.
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