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Not sure where to go? Florida

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  • Not sure where to go? Florida

    Hello, I am wondering how one would go about getting the savings bonds after the death of someone? My mother passed away in 1991 with no will ,But she had been buying bonds for her 5 grandkids for as long as I her daughter can remember. Well my stepfather told my girls that he would give them the things that my mother had wrote down on her unfinished will, including the bonds when they turned 18. Well we havent even talked to him since her funeral( long story),the youngest is now 18 oldest is 27 and hasnt heard a thing. He told my stepbrother that the belongings and bonds got ruined in a storm which ruined the roof on his home in 1992. So we never have asked him again. I was told by the bank that issued them to call the 800 # for the treasury dept. RIGHT!!! Never get threw. The problem is I dont really know what kind or how many she had.All I can remember is she told me that she had put them in hers and the childrens names. I remember her getting all the social security #s from me for this. Also that they matured in 7 years, I am unsure which forms to download from the official site. Please if anyone can give me advise, My children and my grandbaby now, would be so greatful.
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    Generally, you complete form PD F 1048 to replace a lost savings bond.
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