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I hit some one....had no insruance till later that day. No injuries. Texas

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  • I hit some one....had no insruance till later that day. No injuries. Texas

    I just got a car on 6th evening from a friend.
    On 7th morning I took an appointment at insurance office.
    I was driving there and I hit some one.
    I havent seen the official report, I think it was my fault though. I got citation because it was his right of way not mine and I didnt see him. He didnt get one I think.

    accident happend at 1200 pm and no injuires .

    At 1245 i went to the insurance office and got liability.

    But I dont want to commit insurance fraud with my insurance now.

    I offered the guy to get the car fixed cheaper from mechanic I know.

    Any idea what to do?

    Should I offer to get his car fixed and pay for it or wait for his insurance to claim it? He broke front left light, tire puncture, front left end smashed in. His car was camry model 2002-2006 not sure which exact year. mine is 97 model.

    By the judge of the angle of hitting, his hood, bumper, tire, battery, spark plug case would need replacement. I can get all new online at $600-700 and pay my mechanic to do the work on his car.

    But when I talk to the guy and asked him man please dont claim insurance, he only siad I dont know, maybe I will consider not doing it nothing sure.

    I only have 2000 dollar in my account. I am in school I also have to pay fees. I am real worried. I can get his car fixed but if he claims insruance I dotn have money to pay him and I am a student.

    What happens if I cant pay the money to insurance? Can they cut it down to like 50 or 100 dollars monthly?

    I am thinking of selling my wrecked car for 600 dollars to get some money when I need to pay him.

    Any help appreciated.
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    You can see if he will let you pay for the damage without getting his ins. involved. If he is willing, get any agreement in writing & signed.

    However; if he reports the accident to his ins. co., there is nothing you can do. That is his right.
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