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NJ - Failure to observe traffic signals

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  • NJ - Failure to observe traffic signals

    This morning, I got pulled over for failure to observe traffic signals in metropark station (NJ, woodbridge township). It was a stop sign I did not make a full stop, shouldn't that be failure to observe stop or yield signs? And even better, I could not find my updated insurance card, so I got two tickets. What are my options? Any advice what I should do? Anywhere I can get some definition on the violations? Thanks.

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    do u have insurance? if so, than that shouldnt be a problem. if not, than there is likely not much you can do.


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      Yes, I have insurance. And I don't want to get any points, any suggestions? Thanks.


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        I am not 100% sure, and hopefully someone will correct me if I am wrong, but I think that if you show proof of insurance before or at the court date than it should be erased. If you have insurance and can prove it, than it would be bogus to get a ticket for no insurance. I am pretty sure it wont be a problem wiping that out.

        As for the actual violation, does it matter which of the two violations you got? In other words, does failure to obey traffic signals carry more points than failure to obey stop/yield sign? Are there seperate statutes or are is failure to obey traffic signal the only such statute? While it doesnt sound like missing a stopsign is really a failure to obey a traffic signal (which sounds like it means a traffic light) I wonder if there are seperate offenses and if so which one carries more points.


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          Get a notarized statement from your insurance company to prove you had insurance. Usually that is enough to get that ticket dismissed. Check with the clerk of court about the ticket. It may be a no point violation that will not show on your record. If that is the case just pay it.
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            Technically, it is two different statutes

            Failure to observe a stop or yield sign is 39:4-144

            Failure to observe a traffic control device is 39:4-81 (obeying traffic control devices, technical term of ticket)--The driver of every vehicle, the motorman of every street car and every pedestrian shall obey the instructions of any official traffic control device applicable thereto, placed in accordance with the provisions of this chaper, unless otherwise directed by a traffic or police officer.

            As for the insurance, get a letter from your carrier to prove that you did have insurance. the officer should have had the dispatcher call the insurance company to prove that you did have insurance.
            That ticket should be 39:3-29--License, registration certificate and insurance identification card; possession; exhibit upon request; violations; fine; defense. This statutes states that it is up to the judge if he/she wants to dismiss the case. However, the judge may impose court costs. Also, take your drivers license, insurance card and registration card with you to court.


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              Reread the DMV driver guide you read to study up for driver tests. In a smaller area, a stop sign is a traffic signal in that it is telling you what to do and you did not do it. I would see if there is a safe driver or diversion program y ou can do to get this dismissed and keep points of the driving record.


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                In CA failure to stop at a stop sign has a fine about $130. Failure to obey (stop at) a red light is about $390. Did the officer write for the wrong violation? If he did you might take photos of the intersection in question and point that out to the judge, that the officer made an error (if the fine is that much different).

                In CA if you can't produce proof of insurance but show later that you were insured at the time of the ticket then it becomes like a fix-it ticket, maybe $10. But I did have one student in a traffic class who said that she had had her $1100 fine for failure to provide proof reduced to $200!! I had to accept that at face value; if true then the moral is "watch them carefully."

                Good luck.

                PS yes, traffic violator school, or safety class or something to keep the point off your record.
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