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to Lucid, Radar Calibration Law

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  • to Lucid, Radar Calibration Law

    Originally posted by Lucid View Post
    I have been a radar expert for 15 years. Not to be a ****, but, you are required by law to carry a log of calibration as well as certification of calibration and use. If, on demand you are unable to provide the request of verification of said log and document, it WILL be dismissed in court
    Just to clarify, are you saying there's a state where you have to produce a log book to the driver?

    reference Betty3
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    Billy Mack, will bump to top of threads at this time - don't know if Lucid will be back with a reply though.
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      Actually, I'll make it even more clear, since the original comment was about PA since the person was making a general statement and was concern people might have the wrong information.

      In PA the law is very specific. The radar unit must be calibrate once 1 year and at trail they must present the "original" calibration cert and the PennDOT bulletin showing both the Radar units and the Calibration station were approved by the State and that is all. The Office is not required to have this with him at all time in PA either. No Radar Log is required or even daily field tests as some states may require. This is all backed up by PA Supreme court case law.
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