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hit and run in tennessee Tennessee. need advice.

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  • hit and run in tennessee Tennessee. need advice.

    recently i was involved in a hit and run. i was trying to park on my college campus where i follewed someone who was leaving to their car and let them back out. i was about to pull in and another car flies into "my" spot. i get mad and put my truck in reverse and back into his tail light (nothing else was damaged) and pull off. he caught up to me and called campus police. when asked by the police, i explained what happened and what i did (i know i shouldnt have told them i did it on purpose now, but i did). a state hit and run citation was filed. the police report does not say it happened on purpose but it does say i admitted to hitting the car and leaving. i now have to go to genneral sessions court. i have a clean criminal and driving record.

    i do plan on paying the guy for the tail light and having him sign a receipt saying all the damages have been paid for before the court date.

    will the victum be there? (in court)
    will the cop be there? (in court)
    how much trouble am in?
    how much help would a lawyer be?

    thank you for looking at my case and your advice.
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