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Ticketed twice for same offense in Massachusetts

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  • Ticketed twice for same offense in Massachusetts

    Wondering if anyone has any knowledge about a situation I found myself in. I admittedly forgot to put my new registration sticker on my license plate after renewing my registration. Today when I went out to my car I found 2 tickets on the windshield for this offense. The second ticket was right on top of the first and stated "Both license plates expired" on it. In Massachusetts you are required to have a front and back plate but only the rear one carries the registration sticker. The tickets were issued by different officers and were issued only 3 minutes apart. It appears to be that I have been ticketed twice for the same offense. I would have no problem paying the first ticket but am considering appealing the second. Does anyone know if I am in the wrong by thinking that the 2nd ticket is redundant and unfair.

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    Are you sure they are on the same day? Is one AM and the other PM?

    If the car is parked on a public street and is still in violation some time after the first ticket is issued, police can issue another ticket, because you haven't corrected it yet.


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      Are you due to go to court the same day on both tickets? I would bring both tickets to court, show the judge, and see if he will drop the other ticket. The worst that can happen is he/she will say no.