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Trying to get a title Lady died vehicle left on my property

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  • Trying to get a title Lady died vehicle left on my property

    Can anyone tell me how to get a title for a vehicle that was left on my property for over three years. Come to find out the lady that owned the vehicle was murdered along with her two children by her husband who is serving life in prison. So there is no one to get the title from. She originally left the vehicle with me to do some work on, I am a mechanic but not licensed so I don't think I can file a mechanics lien without a tax number.
    Is there any way that I can get a title for this vehicle? I did a search and it has no liens and a clean background. Please e-mail me direct if you can help me in any way I would hate to give up the vehicle to FHP to raffle off for their profit...
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    I deleted your e-mail address due to trolls & spammers who frequent the forums - deleted for your protection.

    Any replies will be posted in this thread.
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      Honestly, I would gather all the information you can and go to the county and seek their guidance. They may refer you to DMV, and they may say to hire a lawyer.
      With the conditions like you say, I doubt there should be much problem.
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        I would talk to whatever office handles titles in your state. Normally, if an estate was opened, her administrator or executor would execute the title transfer. However, if the value of the car is more than the value of the services you provided, you can't assume that just because no one came for the car that it now belongs to you. The car would be an asset of her estate. If the state you are in doesn't allow the murder-husband to inherit her estate, she may still have other relatives that would put up a fight for the car.
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