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Tow Company billing for storage after title signed

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  • Tow Company billing for storage after title signed

    I had a vehicle towed for expired tags in November and signed the title over to the tow company the same day. I also paid them $120 for the tow fees incurred. The vehicle just wasn't worth the price to get it out of hock on day 1. Today, two months later, I received a letter of lien sale from the tow company demanding another $660 in storage fees on a vehicle they have title to. The title was from out of state, so I didn't send in the slip to the CA DMV informing them of the ownership transfer. It appears I am still the last registered owner of the vehicle in California, even though it has been legally non-opped. Any suggestions on what I should do now?

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    I think it's a good idea to contact the appropriate state DMV and request a title search on the vehicle in question. That should verify if it is or is not yours.
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