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transfer title from PO, CA to TX Texas

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  • transfer title from PO, CA to TX Texas

    I bought an older car (1969) from a couple in TX, they had purchased it from a guy in CA in 2004. The couple never had it title in their name here in TX. They gave me a bill of sale along with the CA title with the other owners name still on it. It has the couples name in the space provided for new registering owner.
    I went to the DMV and they offered no solution for me. What can I do??

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    you either need an affidavit of correction from the owner on the front of the title that the transfer to the person you bought it from did not happen or the person you bought it from must get a title in their name. I caution against the 1st option as it is called a skipped title and is greatly frowned upon as a way of avoiding paying taxes. You need to contact he person you bought the car from and inform them that they will need to title the car in their name and then sign it over to you. It is possible they can do a title only and not have to register it and that would save them some money