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Abandoned Car Florida

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  • Abandoned Car Florida

    I am about to move into a place and the owner of the place that I am moving into said that this car that is now arross the street has been there for at least 6 months.

    The people that own it had a meth lab at the house and got busted from what I took of it. Now if the car has expired tags and all and that person is in jail is there any way of trying to get that car and sell it. The car is a 2004 so should be able to sell or even take the title over.

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    Any attempt to do that would probably result in it being seized as a drug dealing car and sold at auction by government.

    It may be stolen. In such a case, the original owner gets it back.

    But you can get such a car cheap AT such an auction. Just beware of two things:

    1. There have been a few cases where police failed to find all of the stashes in the car, and then a drug-sniffing dog got the new owner charged with drug possession.

    2. If the original owners get out of jail, they may think they still have a "right" to the car (like they think they have a "right" to have drugs). They might use force to get it back.


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      The double post is due to the fact that the BBS never sent the page back to me after the first post. So I editied it to read this way.
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