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  • HELP! California

    My dad owns a car that he bought from a private seller that had allready registered so my dad hasnt registered it again yet so he hasnt paid tax on it now he said he'll give it to me but when i go to register the car will i have to pay the tax he never paid?? Cuz i cant afford it!


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    your dad has to

    The car was originally registered to the person your dad bought it from, but it has never been registered to him? That means he has to go register the car in his name and apply for a title and PAY TAXES. He can then transfer the car to you. Most states have a gift which means he can give it to you without you having to pay taxes- you will just have to register and apply for a title in your own name and pay registration fees. If you drive the car on the old registration, that is illegal- it is not registered to you. When that registration is expired- you will not be able to drive on it anymore.


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      the fact remains that the car needs to be titled and registered and taxes paid - pronto!